Weed Farmer Overgrown
Weed Farmer: Overgrown ∙ The all new sequel to the smash hit Weed Farmer

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All New Graphics
From the street map and other interface screens to the items, icons, seeds, seedlings, plants, navigation elements and other graphics have been designed just for Weed Farmer: Overgrown.

Varied Plant Growing Graphics by Strain
To address the number one requested feature from players of Weed Farmer: Classic, plants in WF:OG come in many different shapes, sizes and colors depending on the strain being grown. Buds also look different from strain to strain.

HD Graphics Available for High Resolution Tablets and Other Devices
Weed Farmer: Overgrown has been designed from the ground up with visualizations for supporting today's high-resolution devices. This includes most high end Android Tablets and Phones currently available.

Plants Grow Faster with More Visual Growing Steps
To answer the many request for faster growing times the growing speed for seed germination, seedlings, vegetative and flowering stages have been doubled. This results in grows taking half the time but don't worry about lack of content as more strains will be available to keep you growing.

Outdoor Growing
You asked for it, you got it. Outdoor growing offers a greater challenge and even more to do for mid-level and high-level growers who take this optional challenge. Take your truck from The Street to reach The Woods to begin your outdoor grow. Remove trees to continue expanding your operation in to a massive grower collective with both indoor and outdoor growing at the same time.

Items Drops
Randomized drops have been added. Organic type drops can be gained when harvesting plants and for a double drop system, items can be also acquired when selling your harvested weed to the Weed Market. Drops are many and varied including ultra rares and other surprises.

Plant Cloning & Clones
Clones now have the chance to drop when harvesting a plant. Also for end-game players the ability to clone existing plants and trading the clones to other players will be available.

Adventure System
In Weed Farmer: Overgrown you're not stuck with just hanging around The Street and The Woods as for the right price you can visit various locations by using the adventure system. Locations have various outcomes and include such rewards as items, in-game cash and buffs but be warned negative results may also occur.

Player to Player Trading
For those players who enjoy playing the market and interacting on a social level with others growing in WF:OG player to player trading is available by directly sending items and cash through a secure trade system.

Auction House
To better make available the rarer components & other items, reinforce the game economy and provide greater meta-gaming experiences an Auction House will be added and available during the Open Beta Phase of Weed Farmer: Overgrown. Get ready to sell high, buy low and get rich helping your fellow farmers.

Hundreds of New Items & Effects
Many more items have been added to WF:OG including new types of equipment, consumables and components. These can be acquired from the Supply Store, Adventuring, Plant Drops, Selling Drops, Player to Player Trades and from the Auction House.

Crafting System
For those players who want even more to keep them busy crafting is now an important part of the game. Engineering, Cooking and Alchemy allow players to create crafted items such as consumables, equipment and other types. Many crafted items can be traded and sold to other players. As you craft your specific craft skill will also rise allowing you to specialize in one or more trades.

As you can see Weed Farmer: Overgrown has much to offer and keep a farmer busy from sunup to sunset. We expect the Open Beta Phase to last about three months from the launch date of August 15, 2012. As was done with Weed Farmer Classic Beta Players will receive special exclusive items, cash and other recognition for their participation in Open Beta Testing.

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