WFC GROWING GUIDE: all about plagues

This guide covers the plague system by providing information on each plague type, matching active resistances, plague curing consumables and equipment with built in plague chance reduction

Plague Basics

Every 2 days in game time (1 hour real time) all player's plants in the main grow room (in veg and flower states) that have not finished growing (100% complete) will be checked for chance of reciveing one or more plage conditions. Chance of plague increases as higher difficult level plants are grown. Additionally the lesser a player's grow skill number is when compared to a plant's difficulty level. the grater chance of plague. Plague effects can and should be removed in most cases before harvesting to get the most profit from the harvest. Just be sure you make more selling the harvest than you spend on plague curing consumables.


Insect Infestation

weed farmer insect plague

Decrease Yield by 5%
Fungal Infection
Quality Reduced by 5%
Quality Reduced by 5%
Nutrient Deficiency
Quality Reduced by 5%


Active Resistences

Active resistances, signified by I F H & N, act as secondary protection against the plagues. Having one level of insect resistance active on a plant will prevent one insect infestation from occuring _after_ the chance for insect plague to occur was successful it was resisted. One level of resist is removed from the plant each time a plague of the matching type is repelled.

Active resistances can be added to a plant by using consumables and other items. To see the types and amounts of resistances active on a plant touch the "details" button in the plant view screen.

For example, a player with a grow skill of 1.2 is growing some Big Pinecone. Big Pinecone has a 5% base chance of insect infestation, a 5% base chance of fungal infection and 0% base chance of dehydration and nurtient diffencey. Big Pinecone has a difficulty level of 3 which is two levels above the player's current grow skill. This adds an additional 4% chance of each plague type (Insect chance 9%, fungal 9%, dehyration 4% and nutrient difficiency now at 4%).

Special Equipment

To add to the equasion, grow room equipment, gizmos and global farm gear can also effect the plagues by reducing the chance a plague will occur. Let's say the player has a copy of Buds & Bugs Magazine currently equipped in the farm gear screen. This item provides a 5% reduction on chance of insect infestation, making the chance of Insects now 4%.

Plague Chance vs Profit

Chance of plague is an important number to watch as every two days in game time (1 hour real time) plants in the vegetative and flower states are checked to see if they receive one or more plague conditions. Using a combination of resistance fortifying consumables, special grow room equipment, farm gear and luck to find the sweet spot between keeping the plagues undercontrol while still maxmizing profit from growing the highest difficulty level of plant you can manage is the challenge.


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