Locations on The Street

My Farm | Weed Market | Grow Store | Seed Exchange | Grow Club | Real Estate Office

My Farm used for growing, storing and browsing stored weed, seeds and supplies

Your farm is the most important location in game as this is where you will be growing your weed, setting up your equipment and storing your seed, weed and supplies. As you advance in the game you will be able to change you farm location resulting in increased growing room allowing for using more germination tray, seedling trays and growing of full size plants.


Weed Market for browsing and selling harvested weed

This is the place for dealing your harvests. Beyond the type of weed you are selling the quality also effects the price your will be offered.


Grow Store for browsing and purchasing supplies

The grow store stocks a full supply of equipment such as pumps, lighting setups, water reservoirs and various add-on items. You can also purchase consumables such as different growing mediums, fertilizers and other items for directly working with your plants.


Seed Exchange for browsing and purchasing of various seed

It all starts with a seed and the seed exchange is ready to get your started. From the lowly dirtweed seed on this shop stocks 30 varieties for all skill levels.


Grow Club for chat and viewing leader boards.

Enjoy real time chat with other weed farmer classic players. For the more competitive growers the leader boards are available for seeing how you rank against other players.


Real Estate Office for upgrading to a larger

If your grow room is to small stop in at the Real Estate Office to browse for bigger digs. From a small one bedroom rental to a full size warehouse operation.



Locations in Your Farm

Germination Trays | Seedling Trays | Grow Room | Seed Bank | Weed Storage | Supply Storage

Germination Trays used for germinating seeds

This location of your farm provides access to the equipment necessary to start the plant growing cycle. Seeds are placed on any available spot on a chosen germination tray. Once placed on the tray seeds can be touched to see detailed information.


Seedling Trays used for growing seedlings

The seedling screen allows you to continue the plant growing cycle in the seedling stage. Fully germinated seeds will be listed in the bottom inventory panel. Sprouts can be then placed on any available spot on a seedling tray.


Grow Room used for growing vegetative and flowering plants

Your grow room provides the necessary space for completing the grow of your plants through the vegetative and flowering stages. In addition equipment can be installed in the overhead view and plants can be directly worked with using consumables in the side view.


Seed Bank used for browsing and storing non-germinated seeds.

The seed bank asks as your storage and collection room providing you direct access to managing and browsing your stored seeds.


Weed Storage used for storing and browsing collected weed.

Your weed is stored in this location of your farm allowing for collecting and storing until sold.


Supply Storage used for storing and browsing owned equipment and consumables.

Supply storage has large amount of room for keeping your equipment and consumables.


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